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How Will COVID 19 – Corona Virus Affect My Court Date?

The Courts in and around Austin are subject to a Texas Order that has gone into effect and expires May 8, 2020.  All criminal cases where the defendant is out on bond have been reset.  Contact your lawyer before going to court for your scheduled court date, as your case has been reset.  Check my website for the page to find when my criminal case is set next.  Cases where defendants are in custody and not out on bond are still having some limited docket settings, but only if the setting is “deemed essential.”  For settings that are still happening, the order provides that the necessary participants will be allowed to appear and participate remotely, such as by teleconferencing and videoconferencing. 

How Does Covid 19 – Corona Virus Affect My Jury Duty?

If you have received a jury summons, all jury settings have been canceled and will start up at a future period.  Feel free to contact the jury administrator for a future date, but do not go to the courthouse for what you understand to be scheduled jury service.  

What if I have a Claim and Need to File a Civil Lawsuit?

The Order provides that the Statue of Limitations in Civil cases are extended for a stated period ending no later than 30 days after the state of disaster has been lifted. 

We are still here to help you get through this time of uncertainty - and We WILL get through this.  Please contact our firm with any question or concerns, and please let us help create a better plan for your future, and relieve the stress and anxiety that is affecting you right now.  Also, please take the time to check in on and express love and care for your family, friends and neighbors.