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Austin Bicycle Accident - Jason S. English Law PLLC is an advocate for bicycle accident victims, fighting for their future and helping them recover compensation they deserve

Austin Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Jason S. English Law, PLLC is an advocate for bicycle accident victims, fighting for their future and helping them recover compensation they deserve.

Austin Bicycle Accidents

Austin is a famously bike-friendly city with beautiful roads and scenery through the Texas hill country.  The League of American Bicyclists designated Austin as a Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community.  The city has tried to accommodate more bike lanes to make it safe for people to enjoy riding a bike here.  While many people shop at the local bike shops, Austin also has a shared micromobility program that includes bicycles being available around the city for rentals. 

As the population continues to grow whether by tourists and visitor or residents, more and more people end up in bicycle accidents in Austin.  Despite the fact that the city of Austin is relatively safe, there continues to be serious accidents and even hit and runs that involve a bicyclist.  Bicyclists have the same rights and are subject to the requirements and regulations for any driver of motor vehicles.  However, anytime you are sharing the road with others you can get seriously hurt in a bicycle accident. 

Most people that bike in Austin, love riding their bike for many reasons. It is a healthy, fun and environmentally friendly way to get around.  Also, a lot of times it is hot outside.  These tough, fun-loving people often find that bicycle accidents and injuries are life changing.  You have been used to getting good exercise and feeling good, now you are not exercising while trying to recover from broken bones, back injuries, and surgeries.  These recovery periods are long and frustrating for someone that used to be on the go, who now sits at home and watches expensive medical bills continue to come in.  Adding insult to your injuries, trying to financially recover for your injuries, medical bills and lost income make things worse.  Next, add fighting with an insurance company that wants to blame you for the accident or only offers a quick, low-ball settlement to get you go away, as opposed to truly considering what you need to get back to where you were before.  It is important to talk to a bicycle injury lawyer as soon as possible to safeguard you and your future.  Don't trust your recovery and finances to some DIY project with a trained insurance adjuster.  If you do, you will likely settle for a low amount that does not take into account the true cost of your injuries today and in the future. 

What to expect after a Bicycle Accident

As with any accident, the other party's insurance company will quickly investigate the crash and look to lessen the liability of their client while searching to prove that you caused the accident and your injuries.  The investigation will often turn on whether you followed or violated the rules of the road, and how such violations caused the accident.  This is why it is so important to hire a competent and qualified attorney to help you with your bicycle accident case.  You can rely on your trusted advisor to guide you through the process while looking out for you and your future. 


Austin Bicycle Accidents Will Likely Continue

While some think that Austin needs a better bicycling infrastructure, others simply point to the need for better education between drivers and bicyclist to know the rules of the road and how to best navigate with the other.  While the city has done a good job in designating bike lanes with paint, we all know that paint alone will not protect a bicyclist from a distracted driver.  While the future may involve more protected bike lanes, congested roadways, increased visitors, and increased biking activity likely will continue to yield more serious accidents today. 

If you, a close personal friend or family member was injured in a bicycle accident give us a call today.  Don't hesitate, as you have a window of time to recover under the law.  We simplify the process and fight the fight, so that you can focus on your recovery.


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