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Austin Scooter Accident Lawyer

Jason S. English Law, PLLC fights for scooter accident victims, holding both negligent drivers and companies responsible for your injuries and recovery.  Don't leave your future and recovery to some DIY plan with an insurance company or the party at fault, give us a call before it is too late.  


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Austin Scooter Accidents

Because the city of Austin issued permits allowing over 11,000 scooters to operate, you probably thought the scooters were safe. Scooters quickly proved to be dangerous, though, and city leaders are encouraging residents to hitch a ride on a scooter. The Austin Transportation Department issues permits good for six months, twice a year in June and December for these micromobility transit devices. Riders on these scooters are required to follow traffic laws as motorists, and they are not allowed to use cellphones or other electronic devices while operating. 

If you were injured driving the scooter or were hit by one when walking in Austin, you are probably upset with having to deal with the injuries.  Common injuries from scooter wrecks in Austin are not limited to broken bones, back injuries or even traumatic brain injuries.  The most common serious injuries from electric scooters are concussions, broken noses and forearm fractures.  On top of the frustration caused by your injuries, you are likely nervous about the cost to you in terms of medical bills and missing time from work for recovery and treatment.  To make matters worse, your attempts at resolving the incident with the person at fault or their insurance company has probably not been successful.  If you, a close personal friend or family member have been inured as a result of one of these scooters in Austin, give us a call now to talk about you claim and recovering for your future. 


What you need to know about your scooter accident claim.

As with any accident, proof of the other person's liability and your damages will be easier with the assistance of witnesses to the incident that can give statements.  These statements from you and others will be what any insurance company will look to in trying to evaluate and settle the claim.  Be aware of going alone without an attorney in dealing with any settlement on your scooter injury case.  Often times a quick settlement will not include the full financial costs of future medical bills, and you will be left paying for those out of pocket.  That is why it is so important to reach out to a lawyer for help early after a scooter accident.  The lawyer can help guide you through the process as a trusted advisor, looking out for what is best for your future


Scooter Accidents in Austin

Unfortunately, Austin sees many scooter accidents because of a lack of familiarity or training with either the device or the roadway.  Both distracted driving and intoxication continue to play a role in people getting hurt in a scooter accident.  If you have been injured due to a scooter wreck in Austin, Texas give us a call today to talk about your case.  Don't wait, as you have certain restrictions and a clock is running to file your claim.    


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