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Truck Accidents

Whenever you get on the road, you share the same network of roads and highways with commercial truckers.  These trucks and their loads are simply larger and weigh more than cars.  Accidents involving commercial trucks can often involve greater damages and injuries, as well as, more complex questions of liability.

Trucking accidents are different from car wrecks as you may not focus only on the conduct of the driver.  Often time a truck wreck did not occur only because of driver error.  Often the real cause of the truck wreck relates to poor decision making or policy of the company that put the driver behind the wheel.  You have to look to see if a corporation made decisions focused on profits - where they were dishonest in their testing, reporting or ignoring red flags as that conduct can be shown to potentially put everyone at risk. 

Trucking wrecks demand investigating trucking regulations involved, the various trucking business modes, as well as, the available insurance policies.  Often times the focus is on decisions that the company made that set into action the course of events that led to the collision and why the company made those choices.   If you have been injured in an accident and the truck driver is at fault, contact us to help assist you with your recovery.