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Whenever you get on the road, you share the same network of roads and highways with commercial truckers.  These trucks and their loads are simply larger and weigh more than cars.  Accidents involving commercial trucks can often involve greater damages and injuries, as well as, more complex questions of liability.  Jason S. English Law, PLLC fights for truck accident victims by investigating the driver and their employer to hold them both accountable, and make the road safer for others.  If you have been injured in an accident and the truck driver is at fault, call us at 512-454-7548 to help assist you with your recovery. 

Trucking accidents are different from car wrecks as you may not focus only on the conduct of the driver. 

Oftentimes a truck wreck did not occur only because of driver error.  Often the real cause of the truck wreck relates to poor decision making or policy of the company that put the driver behind the wheel.  You have to look to see if a corporation made decisions focused on profits - where they were dishonest in their testing, reporting or ignoring red flags as that conduct can be shown to potentially put everyone at risk. Trucking wrecks demand investigating trucking regulations involved, the various trucking business modes, as well as, the available insurance policies.  Often times the focus is on decisions that the company made that set into action the course of events that led to the collision and why the company made those choices.   


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Austin Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are no joke, the effects can be truly devasting.  Not only can you find yourself constantly seeking medical treatment while waiting to get back to work, you spend your days thinking about all of the fun things in life that you can no longer do or do them now while suffering through pain.  These are often the cases with future back surgeries as you get older and intense anxiety whenever you get back on the road or see a big truck.  It's emotional for you and your family, and financially it can crush you.  These cases can take years to prosecute for trained lawyers, and the investigations are very in depth.  These big trucks have telematic devices that record speed and direction, and we take this information and overlay them with the driver's cell phone records in conjunction with company training and policies to get a clear picture of liability.  During this time your medical bills and anxiety often continue to grow, wondering if you will ever get better or if you will ever recover financially.  However, you don't have to fight them alone.  We simplify the process and fight the fight, so that you can focus on recovery and getting your life back together. 

Truck Accident Fights for Recovery

Both the truck driver's employer and their insurance company will start investigating the accident immediately. Sometimes data and evidence can disappear quickly before you can document the important information that needs to be shown to hold them responsible.  In addition to lessening the fault of their driver or employer, they will blame you for both the accident and your injuries.  Often times they will make a ridiculously low offer that will not even cover you current medical bills, much less your future expenses for treatment in an attempt to break your will and get you to settle.  If someone does settle, then often times they are left paying out of pocket for future expenses that they did not anticipate because they failed to make a life care plan with a lawyer and expert economist on what their future will be like. 

What Causes Truck Accidents in Austin?

Often times Austin truck accidents occur due to distracted driving, poor training, and speeding to get their job done quicker even though it may be more dangerous.  When a big truck fails to abide by federal motor carrier laws and state traffic laws the resulting accidents and damages are much worse.  People in small cars and motorcycles don't stand a chance, and the reason for the accident usually is based upon a careless truck driver or employer motivated to save a dollar. 

What should I do if injured in a truck accident?

If you, a close personal friend or family member have been seriously injured in a truck accident, you need to get help from a competent and qualified injury lawyer that has experience in investigating and prosecuting these claims against the truck driver and their employer.  Give us a call today, as we have been in long fights on cases just like yours and have seen them through to the end for our clients and their future. 

Truck Accidents have a way of wrecking your life too. 

If you have recently been injured in a serious truck wreck you need a trusted and proven accident and injury lawyer.  Jason S. English has been recognized for his success in personal injury cases as evidenced by his certified membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum; a forum for attorneys who have won million dollar verdicts, awards and settlements. 

Jason S. English has been recognized for his success in personal injury cases.

Nobody calls us because they were in a truck accident – they call us because we know how to add value to their recovery.  Don't risk your recovery to some DIY Project with a trained insurance adjuster. 

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