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If you think that there may be a warrant for your arrest, daily tasks are filled with anxiety.  Every time you see a police car you wonder if you will get pulled over and then arrested for a possible warrant.  If you are not sure that a warrant has been issued for your arrest, you should contact the Sheriff's Office and ask. If you have a warrant, you need to contact a lawyer today.  

If you do have a warrant of arrest out for you, likely your days are filled with fear and anxiety about going to jail.  And I want you to know that we have represented many clients and easily gotten their cases resolved and their warrants recalled.  

What To Do If You Have a Warrant Out for Your Arrest

Don't Break the Law

If you get pulled over, the officer's going to take your license and they're going to run you for warrants.

So, if you get pulled over for speeding, they're going check you for warrants. If you don't use your turn signals, they're going to check you for warrants. If you have expired plates, they're going to check you for warrants. If you're out driving and somebody else runs into you, and even though you're doing everything right and there's an accident that the police respond to, they're going to get your ID and they're going to check you for warrants.

Check With Local Law Enforcement Agencies

Check with law enforcement agencies, either by calling them or looking at their website to see if they have their warrants posted. Many times they will and it's easy to see. Some warrants won't be listed, but most of the times they will. And I want you to know that even our website has a place for you to go and check, and you can easily find out if you have a warrant out for you.

If you do have an existing warrant, give us a call. Nothing is going to get better on your case, if you sit there, and you wait for the police to come arrest you. In the alternative, you're going to get credit. You're going to be able to be seen as taking responsibility on your case, which would mean that we could probably get lower bond amounts and better conditions. We can go negotiate with the judge on your behalf, try to minimize the jail time, and we can coordinate with the police so they don't come to your work and arrest you in front of everybody there and embarrass you.

Don't Keep Dodging a Warrant

Dodging a warrant – it would be exhausting. There is no reason to continue to live your life that way and live in fear, and, you know, every time you see a police car, you're wondering, “Are they coming for me?” You know, when you're ready to take care of your warrant, call us. Call us now. It's easy. You know, there's no reason to keep living your life looking over your shoulder.

If you are questioning whether you have a warrant in Austin, Travis County, Texas there are two places that you should search. 

For Travis County Sheriff's Office go to

For Austin Police Department go to

Let us help you, if you have an existing warrant for your arrest.  After hiring our firm to resolve the warrant, you can keep both eyes on you plan for success as opposed to one eye in the rear-view mirror or the door watching for the police. 

Experience matters, hire a former prosecutor that has experience prosecuting the same crime that you are charged with. Having handled thousands of felony/misdemeanor cases, I know how to get it resolved in your favor.  Give us a call at 512-454-7548.

Jason S. English has been recognized as one of the top Criminal Defense Lawyers in Austin. 

Jason S. English is an award-winning criminal defense lawyer

If you have an arrest warrant for you in Austin, you need the right lawyer to help you and protect your future.  No one calls us because they have a warrant out, they call us because of what the arrest can do to their future.  Jason S English Law, PLLC handles misdemeanor and felony criminal cases as a part of its practice - we know how to prepare your case to meet your goals.  Call now at 512-454-7548 to get the help you need for you and your future. 


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