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When a loved-one passes, the days are filled with many challenges and we appreciate you allowing us to assist you.

Unfortunately, probate can be a very time consuming and complicated process.  However, the time and degree of complication involved can be greatly reduced by being prepared, working together closely, and doing the required steps both efficiently and in the proper order.  The main task is to collect all the facts needed to plan the proper probate process and to settle the estate.

Rarely does it happen that all required information is collected at the outset of the process, or as a result of a single collection process.  For this reason, we utilize extensive checklists to guide and document the information collection effort and the probate process.  To assist both of us in this effort, we provide a list of items and information that you will need to collect and provide.

 Although the list is long because it needs to be complete, not every item listed applies.  At our initial meeting, we review the items collected, make an informed assessment of what's lacking, and determine a strategy for completing the information collection phase of the process.

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