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    In the most crucial time of your life, you need a skilled and experienced defense attorney on your side. With a collaborative approach to your legal issues, we’ll develop a strategy that’s effective. We routinely handle cases in Austin, Travis County; Georgetown, Williamson County and San Marcos, Hays County. SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION NOW

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    At Jason English Law, your goals are our goals. Whether your goal consists of receiving the proper compensation for an injury, drafting your will, managing the probate process, or the reduction or dismissal of your criminal charges, we’ll help you get there.

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Working to Your Advantage

When it comes to choosing an attorney to manage your estate, take on your criminal charges or personal injury case, it's important you choose one with experience and skill that you can rely on. Obviously, you should obtain counsel from a legal professional who has a track record of successfully delivering favorable results. You should also take into consideration other characteristics that are unique and invaluable. For clients who need a well-rounded attorney in the Austin, Texas area, contact Jason English today.

Mr. English's extensive experience inside and outside the courtroom equips him with the tools to help you achieve your goals. He's worked as a prosecutor, taken on the role as an assistant district attorney, and has dedicated quite a bit of his career to his general practice in the areas of personal injury, probate law, and criminal defense. Whatever your goals may be, he will use everything he's learned and experienced over a long career to ensure you get a favorable result.

The cases Mr. English takes on can have a serious impact on your life. Bad case outcomes may have lifelong consequences, wasting your time, your money, and limiting your opportunities. Therefore, he pays personal attention to all of his client's cases throughout the whole process and comes up with a resolution that reflects their best interest. For criminal cases, Texas has first time offender programs that Jason has extensive experience leveraging. He offers legal representation in several areas of law, including estate planning, criminal defense, personal injury, DWI, and probate law. For a case evaluation or for more information about him and his firm, contact Jason English Law today.


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In the cases we take, time is of the essence. There are strict deadlines, the statute of limitations, and other time restrictions that can hinder your case. If you contact us today we'll evaluate your case and weigh your legal options.

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