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Your Arrest Record can negatively impact your life ... for the rest of your life. 

If your case was rejected by the prosecutor or dismissed, you should think about how that arrest on your record could be causing you problems.  If you can get an expunction of that arrest, you need to hire Jason English, an Expunction Lawyer in Austin, TX to pursue an expungement of your criminal history.  There is no reason to wait any longer – It could be costing you money and limiting your future. 

Expunctions are worth their weight in gold, call Jason S. English Law, PLLC today at 512-454-7548.  Your better future is waiting, call now. 

What is an Expunction?

When you hire Jason English to expunge your arrest history, you are getting all that negative information about your arrest removed from your permanent record.  The arrest is removed from your record because the judge signs an order directing all of the reporting offices or law enforcement agencies to either physically destroy the records of the incident or box up the records and mail them to Jason S. English Law, PLLC to be physically destroyed.  For an Austin Police arrest record example, we are ordering the Austin Police Department, the Travis County Sheriff's Office and Jail, the Travis County or District Clerks, Travis County Pretrial Services, prosecutor's office and every other office or agency that had something to do with your arrest to destroy the arrest records.  Each is served a copy of the lawsuit and court order mandating the destruction of their records of your arrest.  Typically, they have 6 months to comply with the court order of expunction. 

How is your criminal record affecting you?

  1. Limiting your employment
  2. Limiting your credit or ability to get a loan
  3. limiting your choices in housing
  4. Costing your reputation
  5. Costing you more money
  6. Costing you in custody battles with your Ex

What are the benefits of hiring Jason English to expunge your arrest record?

People hire Jason English to expunge their arrest records for many reasons.  The obvious reason to hire Jason English to get an expungement is for you and your family to have a better future.  Think about how that arrest history can affect you in terms of money, time, and reputation.  If you want a new job, can you get an interview with the arrest record?  Will the potential employer offer you the job with the arrest record staring them in the face?  How will you compare to other job applicants when everyone is trying to get that new position or pay raise, and your red flag is that arrest.  Sure your case was dismissed, but that arrest on your record may be enough concern for potential employers to pass you over.  Would you rather spend your time working two crappy jobs trying to make ends meet, or would it be smarter to spend your money to get Jason English to destroy any evidence of your prior arrest so that you can finally get ahead and make the money you need at a good job?

Is it worth it to have Jason English, lawyer in Austin, TX Expunge your Arrest History?

If you want to improve your life, get a better job, make more money and have people not judge you because of a one-time mistake, then yes, it's worth it to have Jason English file a petition for expunction and get the judge to order that your criminal history is removed from your permanent record.  If you need a place to live, every landlord or apartment complex wants a background check to see if you have a criminal past.  We have had good people adversely affected because of an arrest record who were never guilty of any crime.  Read that again, people who were never convicted had rental applications denied by potential landlords upon seeing their arrest history.  Is it worth it to be able to rent a decent apartment?  If the answer is yes, then it is worth calling Jason S. English Law, PLLC to get your expunction started today.

What costs more: Your Reputation with that Arrest for the world to see or Having Jason English clear your arrest record? 

Some people are nosy and look for any reason to judge you and hold you back.  Do you have any nosy neighbors or family members who get in other's business?   You must already know that it's very easy for someone to get on the internet and find your criminal history.  Can you really make a good first impression on someone if they already learned about your arrest?  How is the best way to move forward from your biggest mistake, if an arrest record is still available for all the world to see?  Maybe the best or smartest decision of your life would be hiring Jason English for an expunction that lets you breathe easy knowing that your clean public record represents who you are.

Do your kids want you to hire Jason English to get an expungement?

Everything we do is for our family.  The money we make and time we invest is all for them.  What do kids want more than having their parents involved?  If you plan to volunteer in any youth activities, you need to have a clean record.  Think about anything your kids are interested in – soccer, swim team, Scouts, Little League Baseball or Pop Warner Football.  Now consider whether you could be a coach or volunteer with their team… because pretty much all youth volunteer positions are going to demand a clean record.  So yes, your kids want you to hire Jason English to expunge any criminal history and open up opportunities for participation and making memories.  Come on coach, call Jason English now so that you can get back on the field.

Do you want your Ex's Lawyer to use that old Arrest against you in Deciding Property Distributions or Child Custody?

Kids are awesome, and nothing is better than being a parent.  But parenting can be tough at times.  Sometimes frustration with a lack of sleep and additional demands can lead to mom and dad getting physical, and someone gets arrested.  Some relationships are not strong enough to make it after having kids, and people often find themselves splitting up and fighting over custody of their children.  If you find yourself in that situation, is there any doubt that they are going to use that against you?  Former clients will call us, not because they have been arrested again but because their Ex is trying to move and take their kids.  They find themselves fighting for custody, and in a hurry to expunge any arrest history that could hurt them in that custody fight.  Don't Delay - Expunge Today, so that you don't help your Ex take your kids away.  

Expunction Success is the Best

Can I hire Jason English to get my permanent criminal history erased for good?

Jason English can expunge your arrest record if you were arrested by the police, but never charged by the prosecutor or if the D.A. rejected your case.

Jason English can expunge your arrest for a criminal case that was dismissed.  However, you cannot get an expunction if you entered a plea of guilty or no contest unless it was for a Class C Misdemeanor.  If you were placed on probation, deferred adjudication or sat out a sentence in jail, expunctions are not allowed under Texas Law. 

Jason English can expunge your arrest record if your criminal charges were dismissed because you successfully participated in a pretrial diversion or deferred prosecution program.

Jason English can expunge your arrest record if your criminal charges were dismissed because you successfully participated in a Veterans Court Program.


Life is hard enough without an arrest record haunting you – don't continue to make life tougher than it needs to be.  If you can get an expunction to clear your arrest record, waiting another day without pursuing an expunction is worse than foolish… its just dumb. 

Call Jason English at 512-454-7548 for an expunction of your permanent record and for a better future.


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