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Jason English was a lifesaver!

Being a mother to teenage boys can be difficult at times, especially when they make poor decisions that can have a huge impact on their futures. Jason English was a lifesaver! When our boys needed represented for some criminal charges, a friend recommended Jason.We had never needed a lawyer for anything like this before and I was terrified for my kids. He immediately responded to my email and called me directly to discuss their charges. He was honest, professional, and gave us the best representation money can buy. Jason knows the court system inside out. He gave us advice on things to do to be proactive with the situation, such as, attending drug and alcohol awareness classes and completing 25 hours of community service hours prior to a court date. Jason kept us posted every few days of progress with their tickets and felony charge. If you or a loved one needs a lawyer, you're in the best hands possible with Jason English. I would recommend him to anyone. His skill and dedication has given our kids a second chance in life. We can't thank him enough.

– Heather Ware


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