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Jason English

Jason English grew up in his dad's personal injury law practice in Tarrant County, graduated from Texas A&M before getting his law degree from St. Mary's University School of Law. Initially he worked in his father's firm on personal injury, wills and probate, as well as, family law cases. Soon thereafter he took his father's advice and worked for the District Attorney's Office to obtain trial expertise.

Jason English was an Assistant District Attorney with the Travis County District Attorney's Office in Austin, Texas from 2007-2017. The Travis County District Attorney's Office has jurisdiction over felony offenses. Mr. English was a prosecutor in Texas 2002-2017, working at the Cameron County Criminal District Attorney's Office in Brownsville, TX and at the Hays County District Attorney's Office in San Marcos, Texas.

Upon joining Travis County District Attorney's Office in 2007, Mr. English was assigned to various courts before being assigned to the Special Prosecution Division's Public Integrity Unit handling white collar crimes committed against state agencies or crimes committed by state officials. Mr. English had been the Strategic Prosecution Unit's Community Prosecutor working as the liaison between the DA's Office, Austin Police Department, and the community. During this time he was assigned to address special issues or top offenders affecting the community, as well as, advising the Austin Police Department regarding felony cases and sting operations. The work included various initiatives such as an enhanced prosecution initiative, as well as, implementing a Drug Market Initiative following the High Point, North Carolina Model. 

Prior to leaving prosecution, he had been over various diversion programs for the Travis County District Attorney's Office, specifically handling the Mental Health Docket and the Veterans Court. After 15 great years as a prosecutor, he has returned full circle to handling personal injury, will and probate cases, as well as, practicing criminal defense. He counts his father's sage advice for getting years of courtroom experience that translates well for his clients.  

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  • Jason English was a lifesaver!

    Being a mother to teenage boys can be difficult at times, especially when they make poor decisions that can have a huge impact on their futures. Jason English was a lifesaver! When our boys needed represented for some criminal charges, a friend recommended Jason.We had never needed a lawyer for a...
  • Highly Recommend Hiring him

    Jason English is a professional at his craft. He provided me with guidance and recommendations that in the end led to the best possible outcome. He will give you tasks to complete that will help demonstrate the type of outstanding citizen you are. He will be by your side defending you every step ...
  • Wonderful Attorney!

    Wonderful attorney! Truly can't say enough how grateful we are to have used him!
  • Don't wait. Hire Jason English.

    Don't wait. Hire Jason English. He knows the law. He knows everyone in the various counties. He understands what can be achieved. You won't regret it. As one reviewer said, "Jason English is the best attorney for ANY amount of money..." My nephew needed legal representation in two counties across...
  • Working with Jason English was such a pleasure

    Jason was hired as my court-appointed attorney which was truly a blessing. While friends of mine who were involved with my case stressed over staggered communication and sour attitudes from their attorneys, my experience could not have been any different. Jason maintained excellent communication ...
  • exceeding all my expectations

    I requested a Travis County court appointed attorney to defend me, and after being approved for counsel I went to the desk to get the name of the lawyer who would represent me. The person at the desk looked up who it would be and gave me the name and told me I had just won the lottery “You got on...
  • worked his magic

    Jason English should be the go to guy if you ever have any issues that need to be dealt with in a court room. At the begging of my case I was sure I was not going to be able to receive a good outcome. Jason worked his magic and was able to get my charge reduced drastically. I could not be happier...
  • Jason English is the very best lawyer any amount of money can buy.

    If I may add one thing to all the wonderful reviews about Jason. It would be he may not walk on water but he most assuredly works miracles within the legal world. I've hired several lawyers through the years and when I had little reason to conceive that I would not be found innocent in my case. J...
  • astonished at the amount of time he invested in our case.

    Jason English did an excellent job with my Criminal Defense case, here in Austin, Tx. He seemed to genuinely care about me as an individual & I was astonished at the amount of time he invested in our case. I also enjoyed his constant communication throughout as-well. I can guarantee that he will ...
  • Thank goodness I choose Mr. English

    Your in good hands with Mr. English. I wasn't sure who could help me. Thank goodness I choose Mr. English. My situation was resolved in the best possible way. I can't thank him enough.
  • If you need a criminal defense attorney this is your man

    Excellent in every way. If you need a criminal defense attorney this is your man. Would recommend 10/10. He helped me take care of my case in Travis County, and I couldn't have asked for better results. Outstanding all around.
  • Fast, Excellent and professional work!

    Highly recommended. Fast, Excellent and professional work! Thank you Jason.  
  • Five stars and would recommend highly

    Got myself in a little and found this guy Jason English, he got things done smooth and quick! Five stars and would recommend highly.
  • wholeheartedly recommend him for your legal needs

    I'm am ill. I have a rare medical condition that was undiagnosed until summer of 2017. I was under the advisement of my physicians while finding out more about my health issues which caused me to have a depth perception issue (without my knowledge) when I was stopped and arrested for a DWI. I don...
  • Superior Job

    I will like to thank you for the support in proving my innocence in court. I will like to say that you did a superior job in representing me, Mr. English. You are a stand-up guy and you supported me throughout the course of the trial everyday and made sure I stayed focus and keyed in believing th...
  • experience, depth of knowledge, and dedication

    Jason English showed experience, depth of knowledge, and dedication while handling my case. He took great care to keep me informed and walk me through all of my options. He achieved an outcome even better than I expected. I'd recommend Mr. English to anyone wants to feel valued and wants their ca...
  • the expertise and experience

    My grandson was issued a citation at school. I hired Mr. English to handle my grandson's case because he had the expertise and experience in the area involved. He was very responsive to my questions. Mr. English encouraged my grandson to be proactive in his defense. Mr. English collected all docu...
  • He went above and beyond

    Mr. Jason English provided all the information that was needed for my court appearance. Extremely knowledgeable in law. He is responded in a very timely manner when contacting him either via email or by phone. He went above and beyond with assisting on retrieving my cash bond money. I would stron...
  • totally recommend him

    My lawyer communicated very well with me, worked with my schedule, and got my criminal case solved in our favor. He was very approachable and professional which made me have more trust in him, responded to my emails within 24 hrs. I really appreciated that he worked with the judge to give me enou...
  • Great and Caring Lawyer

    When I got into trouble Jason helped me get out of the situation I was in. He guided me through the steps I needed to take to get out of that situation. He showed that he cared and he was always on top of it. His work ethic is amazing and I was really impressed. Phenomenal lawyer. I definitely re...
  • The best decision I ever made!! Hands Down

    Mr. Jason English is a hard working, motivated attorney that truly has his clients best interest at heart. I was accused and arrested for assault family violence twice this year. I was in a toxic relationship and the other party lied to police to have me arrested because she was simply mad. These...
  • didn't waste time and got exactly what we both wanted

    I consulted with many different DWI lawyers before Jason English. Jason dropped my obviously guilty DWI case down to obstruction of a highway in 6 months! Jason didn't waste time and got exactly what we BOTH wanted. He told me what would and did happen from beginning to end.
  • absolutely recommend jason

    I was referred to Jason by a family friend of mine when expressing a need for a Criminal Defense lawyer in Williamson County, specifically Georgetown. I would like to start off by saying that he was very professional, but more importantly he was helpful. I have never had any previous issues with ...


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