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exceeding all my expectations

I requested a Travis County court appointed attorney to defend me, and after being approved for counsel I went to the desk to get the name of the lawyer who would represent me. The person at the desk looked up who it would be and gave me the name and told me I had just won the lottery “You got one of the best” I asked “really, why”? Then he says “he's good, he works hard and he knows the law”. I googled Jason after that and was blown away by his experience in Texas and his knowledge of prosecutorial procedures from working as the Chief of the Hays County District Attorney's Office and as the Travis County Assistant District Attorney. Jason is an outstanding Lawyer. He was very professional, direct, and responsive. He made me feel as if my case was the most important case that he had. He reviewed with me all the evidence in my case, defense process, and then he laid out a realistic timeline and what his expectations were. Everything we discussed initially is what happened in my case and he worked hard to get my case dismissed exceeding all my expectations. If Jason worked that hard as my court appointed attorney, just imagine what he would do for someone who is paying him to defend them.

– Justin Lilley


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