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Referrals for VIP’s

Referrals for VIP's

Many of our clients came to us as a result of being referred by someone who cared enough about them to refer them to us. 

Congratulations, it looks like you found us because someone truly cares enough about you to make sure that you have an attorney who will truly care about you. 

By filling out the form below, you will be our priority.  We will put you ahead of others when contacting you and scheduling to meet with us, as well as, we can extend the business hours to meet either earlier or later as your schedule needs.  We only give this VIP page to our preferred referral partners and clients; someone that we trust and value has already vouched for you, and as a result, we want to prioritize your matter. 

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We consider referrals to be the ultimate compliment, so thank you in advance for any referrals that you provide.  Please keep us in mind and refer those friends and family that are important to you who may need our help too.


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