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Elderly Drivers And Car Accidents

Posted by Jason English | Jun 24, 2022 | 0 Comments

Driving poses risks for elderly people, who are more susceptible than middle-aged adults to car accident injuries and deaths. Elderly adults may also be experience bias.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides that elderly people are more likely than middle-aged adults to experience car accident-related injuries and fatalities. Indeed, every day approximately 700 elderly people involved in car accidents suffer injuries, while approximately 20 elderly people perish as a result of car accidents. From 2010 to 2020, the number of people aged 65 and older killed in car accidents increased by 20 percent, according to the National Security Council. Further, elderly people are 16% more likely than middle-aged adults to cause car accidents involving fatalities. Unfortunately, the nexus between elderly drivers and car accidents exists. The experienced and compassionate lawyers at Jason English Law represent victims involved elderly driver car accidents. To learn more, car accident victims may wish to contact Jason English Law at (512) 454-7548.

Texas Rules For Elderly Drivers And Car Accidents

Texas has specific laws in place for elderly people to renew their licenses to promote safe driving.  Elderly people in Texas must demonstrate the same driving capabilities as younger adults to maintain their licenses. However, per the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Texas Transportation Code details how elderly people must renew their licenses. These rules may impact elderly drivers and car accidents.

Specifically, in Texas, drivers aged 79 and older must renew their licenses in person every six years. They must also take an eye test to renew their licenses. Further, they must undergo a medical history evaluation. If the medical history evaluation raises concerns, Texas may require elderly people to take an additional driving test. Texas licensing authorities may also reach out to physicians for more medical information pertaining to driving abilities. There are additional rules for drivers aged 85 and older. Texas drivers aged 85 and older must frequently renew their licenses in person. Indeed, they must renew their licenses every two years for a reduced fee.

Elderly Drivers And Car Accidents Research

Researchers have examined whether elderly drivers created a danger to others. Studies have found that, compared to middle-aged adults, elderly drivers were 16% more likely to cause fatal car accidents. However, elderly drivers were not the most dangerous group of drivers. In fact, younger drivers aged 18 to 25 were the most dangerous group. Compared to middle-aged drivers, younger drivers were 188 percent more likely to bear responsibility for fatal car accidents.

This research suggests that although age is associated with greater accident risk, elderly drivers involved in car accidents should understand that an accident may not have been their fault merely because of their age. Indeed, elderly people face ageism—prejudice and discrimination related to age—in modern society. In some circumstances, the other driver may be at fault. Elderly people who experienced car accidents should consider speaking to a personal injury attorney. The knowledgeable lawyers at Jason English Law advocate for people who suffered in car accidents.

How Can Elderly People Be Responsible For Car Accidents?

Like all people, elderly people can cause car accidents. More specifically, as the National Security Council states, elderly people may suffer age-related conditions that impair driving. Indeed, elderly people may suffer vision loss, slower reaction times, and deteriorating motor controls. Further, according to the National Security Council, some elderly people may be less aware of their surroundings, making driving more challenging.

Like drivers of all ages, an elderly person who causes a car accident may be negligent under certain circumstances. In particular, elderly drivers who fail to mitigate age-related conditions that make driving unsafe may be negligent. Alternatively, an elderly person whose driving is no longer safe for others on the road could be negligent if the person elected to drive, drove unsafely, and caused an accident.


In order to determine whether or not a victim has a personal injury claim, it is important to determine if the driver causing the accident was negligent. Negligence is a civil wrong with four elements:

  • Duty
  • Breach
  • Harm
  • Causation

First, the victim must show that the person who allegedly caused the accident, had a duty to exercise reasonable care when driving. Second, the victim must show that the other driver breached their duty of care. In that case, they may have breached their duty of care to other drivers on the road. Third, the victim must show that they suffered a real harm, such as financial or physical harm or losses. Finally, the victim must demonstrate that the negligent actions of the other driver directly caused their injuries and losses.

Elderly Drivers And Car Accidents Statistics

When an accident with an elderly driver occurs, elderly drivers and passengers aged 65 and over are the most likely to suffer fatalities, per the National Security Council. In 2020, 4,233 elderly drivers passed away because of car accidents. Elderly drivers may have age-related conditions that make them more vulnerable to car accident death.

A greater number of young adults and middle-aged people were involved in deadly car accidents compared to elderly people. However, elderly people had a higher rate of fatalities, meaning that of the elderly drivers who elected to drive, a greater percentage experienced a deadly car crash.

Texas Elderly Driver Attorney

Experiencing a car accident can be challenging. Elderly people may face difficulties driving and may cause car accidents. Alternatively, elderly people may experience stigma associated with age and may be inclined take blame for accidents they did not cause. People involved in elderly driver car accidents may wish to contact an attorney. The experienced car accident attorneys at Jason English Law understand personal injury law and advocate for car accident victims. To learn more about how to protect your legal and financial rights following a car accident, consider contacting Jason English Law at (512) 454-7548.

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