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Understanding the Long-Term Effects Of Car Accidents

Posted by Jason English | Aug 21, 2022 | 0 Comments

The long-term effects of car accidents should not be underestimated. Call us for more information

The moments immediately following a car accident can be horrifying. However, the consequences of car accidents can reverberate for years following the incident. At Jason English Law, our compassionate and dedicated attorneys have extensive experience helping car accident victims receive compensation and justice. Our understanding of the long-term effects of car accidents helps us to explain all of your legal options. If you were injured in a car accident, consider contacting Jason English Law by calling (512) 454-7548 and requesting a free case review.

Physical Effects

Car accident victims may suffer from a variety of physical effects after a car accident. These will largely depend on the type of injuries they sustained, the severity of their injuries, and their pre-existing health conditions. Potential long-term physical effects car accident victims may suffer include:

·         Chronic pain

·         Chronic headaches

·         Long-term incidents of dizziness

·         Loss of normal range of motion

·         Chronic fatigue

·         Numbness or weakness

·         Cognitive issues, such as memory problems, trouble concentrating, or problems processing information

·         Personality changes

Medical Care and Expenses

Car accident injuries may require intensive medical treatment. Victims may have to undergo various types of medical care and pay for them. Examples of long-term medical care expenses you may have to pay include:

·         Hospital stays

·         Surgeries

·         Physical and occupational therapy

·         Home health care

·         Follow-up visits with their primary care physician

·         Specialist visits

·         Medication

·         Medical devices, such as crutches or a wheelchair

These costs can add up over time to a point that many people cannot afford them.

Pain and Suffering

Car accident victims may suffer considerable physical pain after a car accident. Car accidents involve significant force that is imposed upon the fragile human body. This pain can interfere with victims' ability to enjoy life, their relationships, and their ability to work. Accident victims may have to consider ways to manage their pain, such as having surgery, taking medication, or undergoing physical therapy. These decisions can also impact their health and recovery.

Pain can also be difficult to treat. There may not be objective evidence of pain like there is with a broken bone that can be shown by an x-ray. Every patient may experience injuries and pain differently. Therefore, doctors may have difficulty making a fair assessment of pain and a plan to address it.

Psychological Damages

Some of the most serious long-term effects of car accidents are psychological, rather than physical, in nature. Accident victims may suffer a variety of psychological conditions following a car accident, such as:

·         Post-traumatic stress disorder

·         Flashbacks

·         Depression

·         Anxiety

·         Trauma

·         Elevated stress levels

·         Problems sleeping

·         Sexual dysfunction

The emotional trauma following a car accident can cause accident victims to fear driving or getting in a car. This can affect their livelihood, independence, and feeling of safety. According to published research, psychological complications are often persistent after motor vehicle injuries and can adversely affect everyday activities. This research indicated that many car accident victims suffered social, physical, and psychological difficulties long after a car accident. In fact, approximately one-quarter of individuals surveyed reported suffering phobic anxiety about traveling as a driver or passenger following a car accident.

Earning Potential

One of the short-term effects of a car accident is losing wages while you are recovering from your injuries. However, if the injury prevents you from being able to return to your regular job, you have to change professions, or you are unable to work at all, you can seek compensation for the loss or reduction of your earning potential.

This is a complex process that usually requires an expert to estimate how much you would have earned if you had not been injured and compares this information with your newly projected future income. Your earning potential may depend on a number of factors, such as your:

·         Age

·         Physical condition

·         Job

·         Occupation

·         Education

·         Work history

·         Work skills

·         History of promotions


Some car accidents cause temporary or permanent disabilities that can have a dramatic impact on a victim's life. For example, they may have physical impairments that prevent them from working in the same career or enjoying the same hobbies or recreational activities. Disabilities can also greatly reduce a person's enjoyment of life and their relationships with their spouse, children, and others. Some disabilities can also significantly reduce the victim's quality of life.

Financial Consequences

Car accidents can result in severe financial ramifications.

·         Medical expenses – Emergency room treatment, hospital stays, surgeries, and other medical expenses can impose a significant financial burden on a car accident victim.

·         Rehabilitation costs – Intense rehabilitation may be necessary following a serious car accident injury.

·         Accommodation costs – A victim's home may need to be renovated to adapt to a victim's needs and disabilities. For example, ramps and wider doorways may need to be constructed to make space for a wheelchair.

·         Employment consequences – Serious injuries can prevent a car accident victim from working or advancing in their career. This can bring about a significant loss of income.  

·         Loss of household services – Some car accident injuries may prevent a victim from performing regular and daily activities like driving, cooking, cleaning, and caring for their children.

How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

An experienced car accident lawyer from Jason English Law can help with all aspects of your claim by

·         Explaining your legal rights and options for you

·         Answering any questions that arise during the process

·         Gathering evidence to show the financial, physical, and emotional toll your injuries had and will likely have on your life

·         Compiling bills, employment records, and other documentation and demanding full compensation for them

·         Consulting with your medical providers to better understand the long-term effects of your car accident injuries

Contact Jason English Law for Help with Your Car Accident Claim

A car accident lawyer should not only consider the short-term impact a car accident might have on your life, but also evaluate the long-term effects of car accidents to better evaluate the full value of the claim. If you were injured in a car accident, consider contacting Jason English Law by calling (512) 454-7548 for your free case consultation.

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